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It's time to book your vacation to Tahiti and her islands!
Getting romantic

Tahiti and her islands have been well known for years as being romantic destinations for lovers and honeymooners.

Deserted islands, seldomly frequented beaches, and the traditional Tahitian culture beckon to new lovers as exotic, picturesque and relaxing places to really get to know one another...

There aren't many distractions: Just the wonderfully soothing ocean and wind sounds and the beauty of the natural tropical scenery all around you.

Moonlight walks along the beaches, warm waters perfect for swimming day or night, and romantic dinners in French restaurants are what romance is all about...
and the Tahitian islands have it all.

The TAHITI SUN TRAVEL NETWORK gets many requests from newlyweds, soon to be married people, and people who want to find information about romantic ideas, traditional wedding ceremonies, renewing wedding vows, or unique Tahitian getaways specifically for lovers. This page is a good starting point for ideas, links, and information.

Honeymoon Packages & Romantic Vacations

Designed with lovers in mind, these Tahiti Legends packages are made to win the hearts of incurable romantics.

Polynesian Romance

Polynesian Dream
Moorea & Bora Bora
8 days

Exotic Honeymoon

Exotic Honeymoon
Tahiti & Bora Bora
7 days
$4349 (pp)

Bora Bora Dream

Bora Bora Magic
Tahiti & Bora Bora
7 days
$4349 (pp)

Bora Bora Romance

Bora Bora Romance
Tahiti & Bora Bora
7 days
$4239 (pp)

Moorea Romance

Moorea Romance
Tahiti & Moorea
8 days
$4239 (pp)

Polynesian Treasures

Polynesian Treasures
Moorea & Bora Bora
7 days
$4669 (pp)

Polynesian Caress

Polynesian Caress
Bora Bora & Tahiti
7 days
$4559 (pp)

Tahitian Indulgence

Tahitian Indulgence
Bora Bora & Tahiti
8 days
$5939 (pp)

Polynesian marriages can basically be divided into 3 categories:

Legal Marriage

Arrange a Polynesian wedding...Many people decide French Polynesia would be a wonderful place to get married. IT IS, however, there are some basic things to know when planning a legally recognized wedding...

For starters, you should see what you're in for by going to our LEGAL FORMALITIES section and reading about the Polynesian laws and legal matters pertaining to the issue. After familiarizing yourself with these "rules", we recommend contacting the links on this page to help you more with the process. (see below)

There are 2 main things to understand about these marriages:

1) It is not easy to arrange a "legal marriage" for foreigners! It is possible, however, with a little groundwork and pre-planning. (It is for this reason that the "Traditional style Tahitian Weddings" are becoming the foreigners choice of ceremony. See info below.)

2) Unfortunately, the Tahiti Sun Travel Network can't really do much more for you when it comes to planning these Polynesian weddings other than supply the information and links on these pages.Tahitian Wedding Ceremony

Traditional "Tahitian" Weddings...

are the most popular form of "marriage" in French Polynesia and can be arranged through local specialists who make your wedding one that you will never forget. These marriages are a pure Tahitian experience and highly saught after- quite unique only to these islands.

Realize (if it matters): THESE ARE NOT LEGALLY RECOGNIZED or BINDING MARRIAGES, (see info above), however arguably just as memorable, significant, and important!

Most consist of varying degrees of ceremonial hoo ha, with different trappings ranging from terrific food and catering services, canoe rides, to full dress costumes, entertainment and more...

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Tahiti and her islands also offer a very unique and romantic service that has developed over the years. Commonly refered to as "renewing your wedding vows", this is popular with people who have been together for years already, and are looking to "RE-spice", or "RE-new" the energy of their earlier years of marriage...

The reasons people do this are many and complex, and we won't even try and define them. (We're not marriage counselers...)

TSTN is happy for all lovers and people who do this and we have assembled a small list of talented, unique and licensed marriage renewal priests for you: We organize them according to the islands they perform the renewal ceremonies on.

Local Vendor Honeymoon "Specials"

There are also a few local activity specialists who make special events designed for honeymooners and lovers:

On or Around Moorea:

Tiki TheatreAlways a great ceremony!

BP 1016 Papetoai- 98729 MOOREA
Telephone- (689) 56.18.97, Fax- (689) 56.10.86
Contact: Mr. Olivier BRIAC
E-MAIL & Reservations

Moorea Tahiti weddings in the grandest of style. Nobody does it like the Tiki Theatre. Fantastic wedding arrangements for the marriage experience of a lifetime!


On or Around Bora Bora:

Moana Adventure Tours - Barbeque/ Picnic

See our site for the details...Located at Pofai Bay- Bora Bora
P.O. Box 220, Vaitape- BORA BORA
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41/ Fax- (689) 67.61.26
E-MAIL & Reservations

This is truly something special on Bora bora... Perfect for the honeymooning couple in love, or just good friends, our "Honeymoon Special" is an experience you will never forget... It's the perfect combination of a very romantic and private picnic on a white sand motu and a circle island tour of Bora bora.

In addition to this honeymooner's special, we also offer Shark & Ray Feeding Snorkel Safaris, Classic Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Offshore Fishing & Trolling, and, for those of you that don't want to be mixed with other groups, our exclusive Private Blue Lagoon Tours.

With MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS you'll always find the right activity to suit your budget.


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