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We're very sorry to tell you that this section is under construction.

We'll try and have comprehensive restaurant listings as soon as possible. thank you for understanding.

International & French Cuisine

Papeete has many fine French, Tahitian, and international restaurants to choose from.
Here's some featured choices, among many:

Passage Cardella, PAPEETE, Tahiti
Telephone- (689) 45.29.76, Fax- (689)48.30.40

Boulevard Pomare, PAPEETE, Tahiti
Telephone- (689)43.77.14, Fax- (689)42.01.32

"Les Roulottes"

Although the family run, local food trucks in Papeete known as "les Roulettes" are popular on all the other Society Islands, it is here in Papeete that you will hear them referred to most commonly.Le Roulottes

("Les Roulottes" is a generic term meaning "rolling food trucks", and that's a good literal translation...)

Many of the local people dine at these trucks daily. The food ranges from salads and fruit dishes to various chinese, Tahitian, and french dishes, to pizza, grilled fish and meat specialties, delicious crepes, etc.

In Papeete, Les Roulottes have become something of a tourist attraction in and among themselves... The reason for their popularity is not just because of their excellent "value versus price" factor on Tahiti, but when you factor in the "night scene" and ambiance of the nightly grouping of "trucks" on the main wharf of Papeete, you have a great way to spend some evening hours in Papeete!

Economic and tasty, these are always TST's favorite place to eat in Papeete!

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